11 Incredible KeraStraight Reviews from 2015

  24/03/2016 at 16:21 pm

11 Incredible KeraStraight Reviews from 2015

We were bowled over by all of the fantastic reviews and feedback from our loyal customers in 2015. Many of you took to the blogosphere to let the world know about your experiences with KeraStraight and we would like to say a huge THANK YOU to each and every one of you! We loved the reviews so much, that we’ve pulled together 11 of our favourites from 2015. Enjoy!

Eliminating Frizz and Minimising Maintenance

1. Talon-Ted Lex

London-based beauty blogger Lex has been blogging about all things beauty since 2011. In August 2015, she was invited to Trevor Sorbie Covent Garden to undergo a targeted KS Ultimate treatment on her uncooperative fringe. In the weeks following the treatment, Lex explained how her frizzy and stubborn hair had been transformed on her blog: 

“I’m so happy with the results. I wash my hair once or twice a week, and I barely have to touch my fringe in-between. There’s no frizz, no kinks, no annoying cowlicks… just perfectly straight hair."

2. Gymbags & Gladrags

Cantara from fitness, health and lifestyle blog, Gymbags & Gladrags, was one of our hair models at Salon International 2015, and is now a customer for life after receiving the KS Ultimate treatment!

"I’m so glad I’ve found KeraStraight, or rather, KeraStraight found me! I really do love their treatments and I mean it when I say I’ll be a customer for life. My hair has grown a lot in 2015 and I was the girl with hair that wouldn’t go past her shoulders for 3 years because the ends would just break off.


“I credit some of that growth to KeraStraight as I believe the KS Ultimate strengthened my hair. I’m planning on getting the KS Ultimate again in the Summer and I love that now I know I can get the Intense Boost to boost my results until then."

For a closer look Cantara’s stunning transformation, watch this video:

3. Lisa-Scott Lee

Steps star, Lisa Scott Lee received the Intense Boost from KeraStraight founder, Jez Barnett at the Ritz-Carlton Hotel in Dubai. Lisa was delighted with her 30-minute treatment, which lasts for up to 30 days.

4. She Who Does

Travel and lifestyle blogger, Robyn, from She Who Does, wanted to put KS Ultimate to the test on her frizzy locks before travelling in South East Asia for three months. Her review really speaks for itself!

"My hair is something I dread having to deal with on a daily basis let alone a three-month backpacking trip, and so I can't begin tell you just how excited I am to be able to have manageable hair for once. The frizz is gone, the curls are gone, and the endless minutes holding onto a hairdryer with an aching arm have gone. For us girls with curly hair, this really is a life changer!"

Intense conditioning and sheen

5. Honeypot Blogs

Essex-based beauty blogger, Honeypot Blogs experienced our wonderful 30-minute Intense Boost at Salon International last year, and described in great detail how she simply couldn't stop touching her hair following the treatment!

"I was amazed at how smooth and soft my hair was, it was incredible. Not only that, but the treatment is supposed to last up to 30 days which is pretty amazing. I couldn't stop stroking my hair, people must have thought something was wrong with me!"

You can watch Toni’s KeraStraight experience in this video:

6. Modern Mummy

Mum of two and blogger, Katy, talks all things family, food and travel on Modern Mummy, and after struggling with dry and damaged hair for what felt like a lifetime, she turned to KeraStraight’s Intense Boost for help. 

"The thing I liked the most about the treatment is that as a busy working single mum of two, I actually managed to look pretty pulled together and, dare I say it, well-groomed for a month. Seriously! Super healthy and smooth, frizz-free hair with minimal effort that lasts for weeks. That’s well worth an extra 30 minutes of pampering in the hair salon if you ask me!"

7. Perfectly Polished

Listed in 2012’s Top 5 most influential UK Beauty Bloggers, this next British blogger, who goes by the name of Perfectly Polished, treated her locks to KS Ultimate last year. Impressed by the smoothness and minimal frizz following the treatment, she shared her thoughts with her readers.

"After my hair was blow dried, it felt silky smooth and soft, the product is so light in texture that it was impossible to tell that the treatment had been dried into my hair...The real test was when I left the venue it began raining, normally my hair would become frizzy and curly yet it stayed straight and smooth!


"Since having the treatment I am pleased that my hair needs minimal styling and heat, I can even leave it to dry naturally without my hair becoming frizzy and unmanageable."

You can watch this KeraStraight transformation in this video:

Soothing aftercare for strength and shine

8. The Cupid Bow

Following her KS Ultimate treatment at Salon International last year, beauty, fashion and lifestyle blogger Carly used KeraStraight's Moisture Enhance Shampoo and Conditioner and the Rescue Crème to continue to care for her tresses.

" Three weeks on, and I have to say my hair is still feeling amazing. I’ve been using the KeraStraight (aftercare) hair products to keep my hair in top condition…To top it off, even my hairdresser said my hair was in the best condition she had ever felt it, and asked if I had been using a different shampoo recently."

To see Carly’s gorgeous silky-smooth tresses, watch this video of the transformation:

9. Balgarka

Entrepreneur and lifestyle blogger, Lubka from Balgarka blog also modelled for KeraStraight at Salon International, and shared her experiences of using Moisture Enhance Shampoo and Conditioner and the Ultimate Oil after her KS Ultimate treatment.

"The first week after the treatment I was walking around and telling everyone to touch my hair to see how smooth it was. I’ve been using the shampoo/conditioner duo for a whole month and my hair is still light and soft. Although it’s been a month after the event, it frizzes a lot less after being washed."

Lubka was so impressed with the results that she told us that she’ll be recommending it to all of her girlfriends! Watch her KeraStraight treatment and see the results for yourself:

10. Weesha’s World

Fashion, beauty and lifestyle blogger, Weesha of Weesha's World, visited Pastels Salon last year and gave her tresses some TLC in the form of KeraStraight's Intense Boost – expertly applied by Jez Barnett, KeraStraight's Managing Director himself. Weesha was impressed by the instant healthy boost her hair received, and went on to use Moisture Mist, Glossing Texture Crème, and Heat Protection Spray too, sharing her experiences on her blog.

"The Intense Boost Treatment was applied to my hair in small sections and left on for about 30 minutes. During this time, Jez demonstrated how easy it was to detangle my hair with the treatment on, he could comb his fingers through my hair without any tugging, I was impressed! After a hair wash and a quick blast with the hairdryer, I was left with hair that was soft to touch, it definitely felt a lot healthier and looked better.


"The Moisture Mist and Glossing Texture Crème work really well together to soften and hydrate, especially on days when my hair feels very dry and frizzy. I also like the Protect Spray; it’s quite lightweight and apart from protecting your hair from fading due to sun exposure, it’s also supposed to protect it from chlorine and salt water."

11. British Beauty Blogger

The lady behind British Beauty Blogger, Jane Cunningham, has been writing about beauty products for years. As a former columnist for The Guardian and The Express, she’s a seasoned writer and doesn’t mince her words! Jane started British Beauty Blogger to share her wealth of beauty and product knowledge with the masses and has gained a cult following online thanks to her brutal honesty and no-nonsense approach.

A few months ago, Jane popped into the Trevor Sorbie salon in Covent Garden for out KS Ultimate treatment – needless to say, she wasn’t disappointed! Describing being caught in the rain a couple of days after her treatment, she wrote:

“My treatment was put to the ultimate test literally the following day when I got caught in the rain while walking Honey. Not a hair out of place! Not one little frizz anywhere which is something of a miracle because after the rain, the temperature became humid, and still nothing.” 

And there you have it!

So, they are our 11 favourite KeraStraight reviews - which one was your favourite?

As you can see from the results, it really doesn’t matter if your hair is short, coarse, straight or curly – KeraStraight can help you transform your tresses and give you the gorgeous hair you’ve always wanted. If you’re ready gorgeous made easy hair, you can find your nearest KeraStraight salon using our handy salon locator tool

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