7 Additional Uses for Innoluxe

  10/04/2017 at 11:57 am





INNOluxe is taken the hair world by storm! Since its launch in 2015, salons have been able to repair their client's hair whilst colouring, making their results lighter and brighter than ever before.

Although using with bleach is probably the most popular service, did you know that there’s SO much more INNOluxe can do for both your clients and business? Here we take a look at how INNOluxe can also revolutionise every other technical service.


It used to be that when a client wanted to go light from dark, especially when they had previous colour history, hairdressers could only suggest going so far in one visit; this would mean a few appointments over many months to give the client the transformation they wanted. Now with INNOluxe (containing AminoBond Complex), which repairs, rebuilds and shields the hair against further damage, hairdressers have the freedom to go so much further on the same day.

“Just by mixing ReBond into the colour, and conditioning with Balance Plus once shampooed, the hair is strengthened and protected; this means it’s not a problem to dry the hair and colour again. Many hairdressers have reported that with INNOLuxe their clients hair is often healthier after bleaching than before. We advise to always put the hair’s health first and not colour beyond what you feel is healthy for the hair.”

Jez Barnett, managing director of INNOluxe


Don’t save INNOluxe just for when you want to bleach, the repairing and rebuilding qualities works just as well with every other type of colour too. From high lift tints, to semi-permanents to direct dye crazy colours, INNOluxe will build the strength within the inner structure of the hair ensuring stronger, healthier hair with more shine and vibrancy. There’s an added bonus of the colours lasting longer, which really makes a difference for clients that have brighter reds and coppers which are notorious for fading. As INNOluxe can be used multiple times with all hair colours, hairdressers and clients are really noticing all the benefits when they combine these 1st two ideas, using each time they bleach and then when they tone.

“One of the biggest reasons that red fades so quickly is the hair gets damaged from colouring over it each time, but you have no choice because you need to refresh it; it's a vicious circle and a nightmare for both the client and colourist. By adding INNOluxe we can actually rebuild the hair each time meaning the colour will last much longer!” -

Sophia Hilton, INNOluxe Ambassador and founder of Not Another Salon.

Rio from Unilad sporting INNOluxe


Healthy curls can be so sexy, but the popularity of colouring over the last 30 years has meant most hair has not been healthy enough for this chemical service. Often coloured hair can look gorgeous and lustrous when dry, but the chemicals have damaged the internal structure not allowing it to create strong, loose curls. INNOluxe is a game changer, repairing and rebuilding during the perm process to create soft curls that have structure. Sexy curls are now achievable for all.

“I was amazed at how crisp the curl appeared - even on the bleached ends, I would definitely recommend using INNOluxe on all damaged hair when perming, it makes such a difference.”

Sarah Spiers, London Colour Technician & Educator


Keratin treatments have been a revolution in the last 8-9 years. No longer do clients have to put up with frizz and weakness, as the latest generation keratin treatments both repair and smooth all hair types. By adding a pre-treatment with INNOluxe, these life changing transformational treatments delivering even greater repair and even straighter results.

“Keratin treatments have transformed the lives of so many clients, now by using INNOluxe prior to KeraStraight, we can create even greater straightening & repair and delight even more clients”

Jez Barnett, founder of KeraStraight.

Pink Hair | Easy With INNOluxe


Although there’s an ever increasing popularity of both natural hair and keratin treatments for those with Afro-Caribbean hair, relaxers are still the service of choice for many. These products are highly effective in breaking down the structure of the hair and chemically straightening the curliest of hair types, but they can their toll on the hair’s condition as the chemicals are so strong. It’s rare to see long, relaxed hair, but that may be about to change as more salons work with INNOluxe. By adding in INNOluxe ReBond into the relaxer, hair can now actually be strengthened at the same time.

“With INNOluxe my clients hair is being strengthened and repaired whilst the straightener is processing, leaving them with maximum condition. The repair and shine is very noticeable and the improved condition ensures their hair is so much easier to manage at home. The improved health of their hair is obvious to friends and family which in return builds up my clientele base and reputation.”

Brenda Charlamagne, founder of Charlemagnes

Rochelle Sporting INNOluxe


It’s actually not essential to have a chemical service like colour to experience the strengthening and repairing benefits of INNOluxe. In just 25 minutes INNOluxe will strengthen, repair and protect hair from further damage as a stand-alone treatment. This weight-free treatment is light enough for the finest, weakest hair and will give extra hold to any blow-dry. The benefits will last around 3-4 weeks, but can be re-applied every week.

“For my clients whose hair is so damaged from home bleaching/colouring I recommend a series of INNOluxe treatments before I even think about putting colour into their hair. When paired with regular trims I have seen it start to rebuild hair and give life, shine, and most importantly strength back into hair."

Spooky Runo, colourist at Not Another Salon


INNOluxe Elixir is the simplest and most effective way to continue the benefits of INNOluxe at home. Just 1-2 drops of this lightweight, strength enhancing leave-in conditioner, applied immediately prior to a styling product, is all that’s necessary to reinforce the hair’s health on an ongoing basis. Elixir can be used in-salon as a cutting lotion and will deliver extra structural integrity to all hair, even if they’ve not had an INNOluxe treatment or service.

“INNOluxe Elixir seals the deal when it comes to treatment services by providing ultimate smoothness and shine to the hair. I use it before and after the finish and recommend clients to use it on damp and dry hair at home for a rebonding top up!”

Laura Bull, founder of CODE