To Gelee or not to Gelee

  08/05/2018 at 16:00 pm

To Gelee or not to Gelee?

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The answer is a resounding YES, 

with HIVE's coconut & Lime Gelee Wax

As summer gets into full swing clients look to get beach body ready and looking fabulous with a professional waxing treatment. Conscientious salons want to send clients away with the fabulous holiday feeling flourishing, along with their business's revenue. With so many wax types the choice can be bewildering, however the summer’s salon saviour is undoubtedly HIVE’s Coconut & Lime Gelee Wax, available now!


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So, what is the difference between a Gelee Wax and a traditional pot wax?
HIVE’s first ever Gelee Wax is a luxuriously thick formulation that is applied easily to the treatment area in an economical manner similar to stripless wax, ensuring smooth and excellent coverage. However, therapists can still demonstrate their experience and skill as they remove the wax easily with the strips of their personal preference, whilst leaving less residue, thus maximising time per treatment. The high performance Gelee formulation has been developed to be rosin free making it an ideal choice for sensitive skin, though all clients will notice a reduction in erythema thanks to the easily removable and gentle nature of the wax. HIVE®’s Coconut & Lime Gelee Wax combines the qualities of stripless and pot wax to ensure excellent results, creating happy clients and waxing professionals alike this summer.

Additional Benefits
The Paraben-Free and Vegan Friendly Gelee Wax has been developed to provide professionals with a product that meets all their waxing needs, combining the natural moisturising and cleansing benefits of Coconut Oil and invigorating Kaffir Lime, whilst creating an exotic fragrance that will gently envelop the senses.


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